Itching Effect After Having a Boob Job


Healing signs

One of the most common side effects of a boob job are itching. The itching could get very frustrating and inconveniencing especially in public. There are various causes of itching after having breast augmentation. However, the most common reason for having itching after a breast enlargement surgical operation is healing process. As the tissues affected by the surgery begin their natural healing and reconstruction process, they leave an itchy feeling. Therefore, the itching is positive and necessary for the healing. However, you should refrain from scratching since you may cause more damage to your breasts. This kind of itching usually comes after about a week from the time of the operation. The itching may carry on to about 4 weeks after the operation date and usually seizes after the stitches are removed. However, if there are any further adjustments done after the surgical operation, this may prolong the itching period.

Allergy Reactions

Apart from the healing process from the boob job, you may itch from an allergy effect. The allergy could be mainly caused by antibiotics or one of the post breast augmentation medication that you are taking. Usually, an allergy itch comes with rushes or a flush on your skin and the itch is usually away from the breast enlargement operation regions. If you notice that the itching usually starts about 30 minutes to an hour after taking your medication, then it is most likely an allergy effect. You should consult your doctor to make adjustments on the medication you are taking to seize the itching.

Alcohol Effects

Another major cause of itching around the boob job operation regions is alcohol consumption. The alcohol could be caused directly by consuming alcohol for entertainment or when you take alcoholic medication such as cough syrups and common cold medication. These medication will react with your body at the breast augmentation recovery areas and cause extra itching. You should therefore avoid such kind of medication. You can always ask for medication that does not have any alcohol in it. When it comes to social alcohol consumption, the doctors advise that you should refrain from consuming it for the first 6 to 8 weeks after the breast enlargement process. This will keep the alcohol itching away and you can resume once the healing process is through.

Managing The itching

The itching caused by the healing process after taking the breast augmentation should not be a bother. However, you should avoid scratching as this can lead to infections and you can damage part of the recovering tissues from the boob job. To manage this breast enlargement related itching, you should wash your recovery areas with warm water. You can also gently press the areas with your fingers. You can use cool air from your hair drier or use an anti itching cream. If you are not on the surgical bra, you can avoid using a bra for the recovery period as it helps with the itching.